E-commerce Web Portal Development- Get Your Own Store

E-commerce Web Portal Development

When it comes to developing an eCommerce web portal, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web portal development solutions. With a team of experts under one roof, RG Infotech’s goal is to offer you all of the necessary design, development and search marketing services needed to be successful online. Our full-service approach allows us to ensure your overall success.

How Web Portal is Different From Website?

Website vs. Web Portal

A Website is a location on the Internet which is publically accessible with a web address. It is a collection of webpages, images, videos which are addressed relative to a common URL. Websites are about driving traffic and being seen.

A Web Portal is a gateway to the Internet. It’s not only a website but also you can search the web, online shopping, and lot to do. Portals are about limiting traffic to the right set of users and providing services.

Portals are also accessed using a web browser and a specific URL, but the content here is login protected and user specific.

Some commonly known web portals are garipoint.com (car portal), makemytrip.com (travel portal), 99acres.com (property portal) while websites are Wikipedia and more.

You can also read about web portals in details here and here.

Features that a Website possess

  • Content is visible to everyone.
  • Content remains same for different individuals.
  • No user activities like login required.
  • Supports the user in the specific task.
  • Educate site visitors about industry information, products, and services.
  • Does not reference personalized database.

Features that a Web Portal possess

  • Public and Private interface.
  • Access for multiple user roles.
  • Personal login is required.
  • Dynamic content changes frequently than websites.
  • Content is unique to the user based on group member settings.
  • Offers content from diverse sources.

At RG Infotech, we apply our full knowledge and proficiency in web portals development and website development with updated and advanced development tools.

All you need to know about Web Portal Development

All businesses are moving towards the web portal development to raise and maximize the benefits. If you are having multiple businesses or services for a large number of users then there will be definitely the requirement of a web portal which can manage multiple businesses and services at one place with common data.

Web Portal differentiates from a normal website in its usability as they present information from diverse sources in a unified way. Easy Portal development helps get visitors and increases the popularity of your portal.

Web Portal Development Using PHP

Web Portal Development with PHP

PHP is one of the popular programming languages which is widely utilized for web development to produce interactive, vibrant, and customized PHP applications.

PHP is considered as powerful server side scripting language, used for building dynamic websites, web portals, and robust applications. Demand for the same has increased fast in recent years given the advantages that PHP offers.

PHP Web Portal Development is one of the essential tools when you want to load dynamic sites quickly. It is important for quality linking, keeping the backup of the huge amount of database and to handle server.

Why PHP Web Development

  • For fast loading dynamic portal.
  • Helps to get quality linking and coding of web portal pages.
  • Serve visitors and users with new features and technology.
  • To keep the backup of a huge amount of database and handle server.
  • Provides features like usability, scalability, flexibility to a greater extent.
  • To create good and user-friendly business and personal portals.
  • Make system compatible with various platforms and database servers.

When the portals are the business, there is no compromising on the performance, cost efficiency and growth potential of both. Our PHP Web Portal Development facilitates security-rich and reliable user experience with single sign approach providing access to large range of applications and content.

How Web Portal Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies!

Web Portal Development for Business

Web Portals benefits an organization to improve employee productivity, by allowing them access to information and tool, which extend the power of collaboration to the customers, partners, and vendors.

One of the strong points is that it has an authority to represent together a set of people on the basis of profession, location or age.

We offer a wide range of web portal development services with the latest technology that assures the best quality in design, development, testing and deployment of a web portal. Our portal designs are customized as per business requirements.

Key Benefits you can derive from Web Portal Development-

Ø  Helps in effective customer interactions.

Ø  Secure access for customer information.

Ø  Provides multi-user access.

Ø  Content Management Capabilities.

Ø  Streamlined business operations.

Over the years, we’ve developed many web portals for businesses across different verticals, education, real estate, corporate intranet etc. The portals we’ve developed helped our customers meet their business objectives and improve their baselines.

Portal Services we provide-

Ø  Travel Portal

Ø  Job Portal

Ø  Community Portal

Ø  Property Portal

Ø  Intranet Portal

Ø  E-commerce Portal

Ø  Customized portals as per business requirements.
You can read more about our web development service.

Types of Web Portal

RG Infotech as being the most reliable web portal development company provides you a platform with which you can easily communicate with the customers. We provide the most advanced and effective web portal development solutions.

We value cooperation with our customers and are ready to rise to your business challenge to form the best portal solution.

Why A Corporate Needs Intranet Application?

Why A Corporate Needs Intranet Application?


Intranet and the Internet are often confusing terms. While there are a lot of similarities between them, they really are two diverse things. Simply put, the Internet is the global World Wide Web (www), while an intranet is a private Internet working within a company. While this cloud-based business software has gained major acceptance over the past couple of years, many companies are trying it for the first time, and are still asking the “why” question.

Here’s why possibly any corporate needs an Intranet application

1)    Productivity.

An intranet is the “home” for employees (ideally) and the intranet desktop should be the first thing they see in the morning. An intranet which gives employees’ access to all the tools and information they need to effectively perform their daily tasks, every day, can move ahead in improving productivity for employees at all levels. Some examples of these tools and information are:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Outstanding tasks
  3. Corporate knowledge base
  4. Company News
  5. Email
  6. Help Desk
  7. File sharing drop box

You can read more about Intranet application here…

 2)Corporate communications.

Since an intranet is an employees’ main skylight into corporate tools and information, it offers a great place for managing peer-to-peer communication between employees. To exemplify, imagine a large corporation with thousands of employees around the world. If everyone logs into the intranet every morning, the management can:

  1. Publish important announcements
  2. Advertise new initiatives and policies
  3. Communicate company history, culture, and positioning
  4. Recognize outstanding employees
  5. Gather feedback in the form of surveys and suggestions

3) Streamline processes.

Modern intranets contain not only static information, but the actual tools that employees need for work. This presents a great opportunity to use intranets as a place where companies can document processes, and provide the actual tools to automate processes. Many companies use intranets to automate simple processes like employee appraisals to sophisticated processes like CRM and project management.

4) Spur Collaboration.

Modern intranets have collaboration and social tools built into them. Not only can employees access work-related information, they can also share and work together on it within the intranet. Networking tools allow employees to discover the skills and competencies of fellow workers and bypass corporate hierarchies to connect with them directly.

5) Knowledge management.

In its very broadest sense, knowledge management means capturing, organizing and retrieving corporate information. With all tools and information within the intranet, and employees constantly adding new information in the form of comments, discussions, blogs, documents; the intranet serves as a centralized place to capture important corporate information. Tools like search ensure that employees across the company network can find just the information they need to perform their jobs.

So, in essence, the intranet is important for any corporate to be it small or medium sized to big business houses.


RGInfotech is one of the best intranet application development company in India.We built simple to complex intranet applications as per business need.

Intranet Application- Basic Need for Your Business

An intranet is what we call as a “Local Internet”, for a company or group of companies.

Intranet within a company is a perfect way for sharing information among peers. RG Infotech, one of the best web development company, offers custom intranet application specific to your requirement, hosted on your corporate environment.

Customized intranet applications are available to incorporate business processes that can streamline many business operations. Entire intranet app can be linked to your corporate website, thereby increasing overall productivity for employees.

Intranet application is the most efficient way for an organization to collaborate in-house resources together, irrespective of their geographical locations. Intranet application facilitates quicker and faster exchange of information, ideas opinions, and knowledge within an organization.

Intranet app improves overall efficiency and accountability of any business by providing relevant information to right people.

In terms of security, it offers the safest platform which facilitates staff for secure file transfer, web browsing, and mail sending.

BIntranet Application- Basic Need for Your Businessenefits of Intranet app are:

  1. Flawless and relevant data sharing.
  2. Reduced manual efforts and improve business process.
  3. Easily accessible corporate knowledge base.
  4. Quick and easy internal opinions and feedbacks.
  5. A useful tool for peer to peer employee communication.

World Of Web Development

World of Web Development
Web development is a broad term involving the development of a web-based solution like web application or an Intranet portal. It can range from developing a static single web page to a highly complex web-based application, e- business, or a social network service, or a web portal.

Web development typically includes following components:

  • Client-Side components
  • Server-Side components
  • Underlying Database

Web Development includes solutions covering:-

Web-based applications, Websites, Web portal, Intranet applications and much more.

Web applications

An effective web application can smoothen business process and increase overall productivity or an organization. Security, scalability, responsive, UI and reusability are some factors taken into account while developing a web application. You can also find more details about web applications here.


Websites can be of a single page or multi-pages, for your business presence in the online world. But while creating a website, either an e-commerce store or a blogging site, responsiveness, UI/UX, loading speed are some of the key features that are considered.

Web Portal

The web portal is the pool of large database with various web applications like job portal or travel portal. It is not just a single website but an ocean of information like candidates or recruiter firms for job portal or hotels, flights etc intravel portal, and lots more. Read more about web portal development

Intranet Applications

These are also web applications but accessible only within the protected corporate environment, providing access based restriction across departments. Securing your corporate data behind a firewall further results in a highly secured environment for the app.
Nowadays, every business has its unique requirement, so most businesses need a custom solution. RG Infotech, a leading web development company in Noida, India, have more than 10 years of experience in custom web development in all categories.

How to Rank Faster on Search Engine with Local SEO

How to Rank Faster on Search Engine with Local SEO

Everybody wants to be on the top of Google organic search result. For which one must understand the importance of SEO for fast ranking.

SEO is the basic need for all websites either it’s an online or offline business.

High competitive keywords and strong competitors are nowadays making SEO tougher. Building a smart and effective SEO Strategy would make you outshine among your competitors.

Here are few steps to design an intelligent SEO (Local SEO) Strategy-

  • Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the basic step for a perfect SEO Strategy. Relevant keywords can improve your website’s visibility with no time lag. Therefore the use of longtail keywords results into the highly effective and efficient ranking of your business.

  • Optimize Site and Content

As we all know “Content is King“.

Optimize your local business site with a good amount of high-quality content. Place keyword smartly and avoid keyword stuffing. For local SEO, website optimization needs NAP  (Name, Address, Phone Number). You need to ensure that you have your full NAP across your whole website. You also need to use schema.org markup on your NAP to allow search engines to display company information correctly.

  • Get Your Business on Google Local

“Google My business” is developed to control the information showing in Google Search and Maps. It helps customers to get the right information about your local business and contact info in order to reach you soon.

  • Create Local Listing

You need to create or claim your business listing on various local directories. Each listing represents citation that is used in ranking algorithm by Google and other search engines. Try to be consistent on every listing you create i.e use same NAP everywhere.

  • Ask for Genuine Reviews

Ask your customer to leave a genuine review on social media or business directories pages. Give them a couple of options to leave their reviews with the statement.

  • Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Optimize your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on with correct NAP and website URL. It also increases your business exposure. For example, people can check in at your place with Facebook page link.

  • Be Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, maximum usage of internet is through Mobile Phones. Making your website mobile friendly is primarily important. So that you may not miss out opportunities to grab your potential customers.

  • Analysis and Monitor

The analysis is the important part of any strategy you design OR steps you follow to get your moves fruitful.

These were just a few steps to build local SEO strategy. It helps your business to beat your competitors by increasing the visibility of your website 100 times.

RG Infotech, a leading digital marketing company in Noida, India. We understand your business needs and design the strategy accordingly. Our expert online marketers are having sound knowledge of getting the things done in a genuine way. Also, read this.

So plan your SEO strategy with us and get the result faster.

Online Shop for Beautiful Travel Portal Development

Travel portal development

Promote exotic travel destinations with stylish and elegant Travel Portal. A combination of tested structure, relaxing touches of color and high-quality images, makes your portal a delightful experience for your visitors.

RG Infotech specializes in developing attractive and visually eloquent online Travel Portal development. We put efforts to creating an outstanding travel portal with advanced OTA services for B2C & B2B integrating GDS/ API and XML.

Take your visitors on an amazing journey and offer them the experience they are truly searching for. We use best SEO practices ensuring your websites efficient performance in all relevant searches and widening your audience further.

Travel portal software is a comprehensive and powerful web-based online booking system, designed for travel industry especially for travel management companies. Captivate your audience and increase traffic by offering features like travel API integration for Airline Booking, Hotel Booking, Travel Packages, Bus booking, Car rental. By integrating this travel API with your own software solution, you can offer unbeatable travel related services to your potential clients.

Our team has requisite experience in designing and showcasing your content with a fresh style on various devices. We provide tailored services that help you build and enhance your brand. You need not develop entire travel solution from scratch; rather you can use our service base for extending unproblematic service to your clients.

We have invested a lot on R&D to implement advanced technologies to bring speed, improvising the performance, 100% uptime & return on investment. We also maintain our product for 24/7 technical and customer service.

Our Travel Portal Software Features:

  1. Hotel Booking:

Let your customers indulge in hotels of their choice, with our power packed Hotel Booking Engine. It facilitates to search and book hotels online anytime, anywhere throughout the world.

  1. Flight Booking:

No travel portal is complete without flight booking system. We integrate flight booking engine and API with your portal for complete search with fares and online ticket booking facility.

  1. Bus Booking Engine:

We also offer bus booking engine integration to travel portals so that more customers visit your portal with this added feature.

  1. Car Rental:

Our travel portal solutions integrate third party XML/API of Car Rental Booking system. Please check with us about the availability of online Car Rental services in your Country.

  1. Holiday Packages:

Complete your online travel portal by including fabulous “Holidays Packages” around the world. We integrate holiday packages XML to get extensive inventory for packages available at popular destinations.