Travel agencies are facing extreme challenges from the competitors. It was skilled to transform the distribution, buying and selling aspects in the travel market. Global Distribution System (GDS) will let your business stay ahead of the competition and express a steady growth in the travel business. GDS is considered as the primary reservation tool for travel agents. It is the primary aspect of supplying travel products to retailers.

GDS is a comprehensive automated reservation network used as a single point of contact for accommodating airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel linked items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and big corporations.

GDS System
GDS is measured as the platform that enables the travel agencies or their clients to basically access travel data, place the bookings, compares the various booking prices for flights, hotels, buses and so on. There are GDS systems presented by Travelport, Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus. These foremost GDS systems can enable your travel website to gain billions of dollars every year.

GDS presented by these chief companies can access real-time inventories of hotels, bus, flights, railway, and the car rentals.

Important Aspects of GDS System for Travel Agents

Just imagine how the airline reservations and ticketing used to happen in the olden times. Many people will be sitting and working together in an office and one receptionist to connect with each team for a range of bookings. An index file for each flight has to be maintained and the tickets were manually written when the reservation is positioned through a phone call. The reservation cards will be kept in the cubby hole and the whole process takes 90 minutes to 3 hours. This takes a lot of time and attempts to place one booking. When there are multiple reservations under each category, then it’s going to be a strong job.

The modern GDS system evolved from the shared effort put forward by American Airlines (AA) and IBM. This further developed as Sabre GDS system. Nowadays the travel agencies, tour operators, and OTAs utilize more complex GDS system to discover the best available travel, hotel and airline reservation rates. The agents are able to place the reservations for clients in real-time. This has made the whole booking processes easier and faster.

This GDS system will launch promotional messages to the travel agents and from there to their customers. It will send alerts to agents about special fares, rates, discounts, and packages. This is a successful marketing and promotional tool for your travel business. GDS providers are becoming “fundamental to the supply of travel products to retailers in the online channel.” Some industry experts are predicting that the GDS systems will be outdated by 2020. But there are chances that it may grow or undergo a complete transformation and a new version may emerge. GDSs can turn into a ‘direct corporate booking tool’ rather than a booking tool only for travel management companies.

Innovation may purify and tailor engines to target particular travel interests similar to corporate or freedom travel. Technology may likewise deliver new answers for build information more valuable and realistic for clients (travel operators) and enlarge to cover new ventures.

If you are associated with the travel industry as a travel company, tourism development organization, resort, consolidator, travel agency or a travel counselor; you may be using travel technology solution that lends you the boundary to attract customers and hit competition.


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