google-plus & SEO

Since the days of Google Buzz, the +1 button has been a mystery to users and content producers in a similar way. It’s dissimilar from Facebook’s “Like” button, in that it doesn’t directly share content to a user’s social stream.

Google defines the +1 as a feature to help people find out and share relevant content from the people they already know and trust. Users can +1 different types of content, counting Google search results, websites, and advertisements. Once users +1 a piece of content, it can be seen on the +1 tab in their Google+ profile, in Google search results, and on websites with a +1 button.

A Google +1 can ultimately lead to a better page rank. A greater number of +1’s increases a link’s potential for a high CTR, which could lead to increased social sharing, and in turn can increase its Google search rank. What’s significant to note here is the correlation, not causation, between +1’s, other social shares, and search rank.

Why +1 Effect On SEO?

Search Engine Optimization involves a mix up of different strategies including on-page optimization, keyword optimization, off-page work including directory submissions and backlinking. Well, there’s a new puzzle piece in the SEO mix – the Google +1 button!

Google has officially stated that the +1 button will certainly affect search engine ranking. This is groundbreaking news as it will ultimately shape traffic; with all the hype there is about social search, a few key points should be considered, as they help put things in perception.

How Can You Get +1’s?

  • Put the +1 on every page of your site.
  • Post on Google Plus, people can plus one your page right from their news feed.
  • Rank high organically and in paid search, the +1 button appears in search results and the better you rank the more +1’s you’ll get.
  • Ask people on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter to visit your page and +1.
  • Send out a newsletter telling people that you’ve installed the +1 button on your page and that you’d appreciate it if they +1’d you.
  • People will also be able to +1 your page by clicking on a +1 button from their browser toolbar, but they’ll need an extension like the one for the Chrome browser.

As with any new Google update, it’s important to let the dust settle before you make any changes to your site or redirect the path your SEO engagement is currently on. The Google +1 button could be here today and gone tomorrow, so it’s decisive to practice patience while keeping an eye on site visibility, ranking, traffic and other important data.

Effective SEO strategies take time because search engines are frequently crawling, indexing and ranking sites that regularly create content and have their link portfolios enhanced. Since the effect that social search factors have in relation to the algorithm is unknown, it’s hard to tell what factors may directly contribute to ranking increases or decreases. Over time, it’s possible that several months of data could help shed some light on what if any value the +1 button has added to your site.

The +1 button is essentially a vote for your page, every time you vote your recommendation can be echoed across your Google-based social network (Google+, Gmail, Google account). So if you haven’t already +1’d your own site do so from Google Search and be sure to add the +1 button to your own site!


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