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In recent years, the web has been getting more and more embedded in our daily lives. We make use of it for everything, from shopping, to banking, to reading our news. The demand for web development talent is as high as ever, and the range of what developers can do is enormous!

The importance of web design and its impact on the net is a worldwide accepted fact these days. Presentation of a website is the primary factor that the developer or owner must settle on. The content in your website should be available in an organized and professional looking manner. The site should also have good content full of relevant information and enough functionality to entice visitors.

The end of traditional web design

The theory of web design in the traditional sense is fading away. In traditional web design, the role of design was more to make the tech appear good to its audience. Web design is more than that. It has morphed into something bigger. Web designers (or experience designers) no longer just make websites “look beautiful”. Rather they need to look into the experience of users and their stories.

Conversational UI

As messaging platforms (such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat) are overtaking social networks and app downloads, companies are starting to think about ways on how to make use of this change. Therefore the design of conversational user interfaces (like for websites) will become a progressively more important topic for most web designers in 2017.

GIFs & other animations

A lot of websites and apps use animations for a while. GIFs facilitate you to provide a richer product experience, explain a workflow, or simply provide a how-to guide for your users. And with several GIF creation tools (such as Photoshop, Giphy, or web designers are not limited to their design process.

Next generation of responsive design

Responsive design will continue to take over because it is one of the most effective ways of achieving a good UX. CSS media queries offer websites flexibility and allow them to adjust according to the different devices the site is being accessed on.

Data visualization

Data and analytics are more vital than ever and now big brands are presenting their users a chance to see the stats for themselves. Presenting data in visual ways increases user interaction with this information. Particularly valuable when it comes to understanding user representation, colorful charts such as the ones you can generate using Tableau, are eye-catching and draw user’s attention.

Material design

The material design has been developed by Google in recent years and is being steadily rolled out across its applications, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and YouTube. It is a way of designing to create a hierarchy of meaning and importance on the page, drawing the user’s focus to different areas all the while moving and responding to the user’s actions. They’re calling the latter Material Motion. The material design uses geometric shapes to visually enhance their site, create depth, and realism. It’s becoming more and more admired across the rest of the web too, thanks to its ‘living’ status, its flexibility, and its compatibility across all devices.

Long-scrolling websites

There are pros and cons to long-scrolling websites. All in all, we do see more and more long-scrolling websites, mainly to the success of seemingly bottomless websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to scroll for hours, constantly seeing new content. As a human race, we’re used to the act now. Many sites are doing away with menus and tabs and as a substitute for putting everything on one, long page. The site can be broken up with images, typography, and videos to add some excitement to the experience.

Clearly, website development & design is of chief importance to any new or established business. It is the most lucrative way to bring a rapid ROI to your business. A small investment of today will certainly get you perfect results tomorrow.


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