intranet app for business

While current technology has advanced to work out a lot of business challenges, a few of these challenges have been solved by the simple act of connecting people with each other. Intranet software has significantly contributed to this.

As businesses globally come face-to-face with the realities of our times, that communication and how we make relationships has changed, intranet software has enabled these processes and helped form social cultures in the workplace.

The simple act of connecting people can make business value and here are four ways how this is taking place.

1. Encourages Sharing of Critical Information:
Similar to what email did to communication, social is again altering how we share information. With an easy update status message, you can encourage people to share their thoughts, experiences, activities, and expertise.

Sharing also makes business personal, something that all organizations should aspire for. Most organizations though fear that personal postings will be upshot in less productivity and inappropriate use of the network. However, when intranet content is personal in nature, it connects the fabric of culture for people to come together and enjoy what they are doing.

2. Capture Valuable Knowledge:
Intranets provide a platform and an opportunity to do just that but in a less scary and intrusive manner. Profiles, activity streams, and interactions contain a wealth of information about employees and these can tell a lot about someone’s experience, expertise, and skills.

Intranet software can help discover expertise through people’s profiles, activity streams, and comments. When users are members of specific groups, their blog posts and comments can tell a lot about their abilities.

3. Enables Action:
With new relationships and behavior, which address a gap that prevented certain actions from taking place, intranet software can help modify operations and processes upon adoption. Problems can be solved faster and better since users can now search and look for posted answers and information. As more knowledge becomes available, users gain more confidence in the use of the intranet as part of their daily work, which further accelerates knowledge capture.

4. Empowers People:
Intranets have become excellent platforms that empower people to speak up and link together for common causes. They offer opportunities for people to contribute their skills, ideas, and opinions which can be a real value driver, especially for an organization looking to innovate from the inside.

Intranets give employees a voice to be heard by people who matter. When employees are encouraged to vent their frustrations using internal sites, it can help out leaders address concerns directly and avoid a situation spilling out of control and onto public-facing networks.

5. Facilitate Real-time Feedback:
Using an interactive intranet lets you share aspects of your business strategy for precise feedback. This is one way to see if the plan will bear up the litmus test of employee acceptance. After all, they are the ones who will be responsible for executing it.
The interactive intranet is also a perfect vehicle to determine how well an already-introduced strategy has been internalized. By collaborating and communicating via messages, videos, documents, polls and more, business leaders can then reinforce the strategy where it needs further explanation.

Intranet software is varying how organizations communicate with their employees and this is driving real change. Companies and businesses that neglect this shift are losing out in this area to those that are ahead and adopting social into the workplace. As public social technologies make their way into workplaces, organizations that adopt a social culture are going to be a foremost force moving forward.

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