10 best ideas for Mobile UI designs pattern

It is important for any web designer to design functional sites that can simply generate interest and online traffic among the internet users. The user interface design of your site plays a vital role in bringing high volume web traffic to it. Therefore, web designers should give appropriate importance to the website interface for the user which is being designed by them.

In the present time, there is an explosive growth in the e-commerce with billions of dollars worth of sales taking place each year. Today, thousands of businesses are completely dependent on the internet for their success.

The Internet has emerged as a one-stop source of entertainment, information, social interaction and commerce. Here are some of the best ideas for mobile UI designs pattern.

1. Mobile Design Inspiration

There are dozens of niche inspiration galleries online but very few compare to Mobile Design Inspiration. Most shots focus on a certain device like a Smartphone or a tablet showcasing the app UI screen in the device. But some posts even have UX animations for sliding menus, loading bars, or page swipe effects.

2. Mobile Patterns

Mobile interface patterns are like repeatable UIs that you can apply to any situation. Think search forms, login pages, user profiles, and live feeds.

The Mobile Patterns website is a treasure trove of mobile app UI patterns and design inspiration. It’s an online gallery full of screenshots from real mobile applications organized by different patterns.

You can sort out by Android or iPhone screens, or you can search through tags like login pages or settings for mobile apps.

3. Feedback & Response Time

Feedback lets users know if a task was fulfilled or not. It can be as simple as a beep, or more difficult like a modal window. Make sure your feedback is friendly, human, and responds within the timing guidelines

4. Collect UI

With a total of 6,600 designs and counting, collecting UI is considered as one of the largest inspiration galleries on the web. It offers a range of interfaces for desktop software, responsive websites, and mobile applications.

You can sort through hundreds of tags based on labels like shopping carts, user profiles, and signup/login forms. All shots are taken from Dribble and link back to the original author.

5. Inspired UI

Some designers like the Dribble-style designs but many prefer real screenshots from real applications. This leads me to stimulated UI which is a growing web gallery of mobile & tablet app UI inspiration.

All photos are taken directly from real applications so you can study practical interface designs. This means you’ll have a much easier time mimicking the UIs in your own designs but you may also feel a bit limited with creativity.

6. Design Blogs

Google is your best friend here if you punch in “design blog” + mobile inspiration to see what sort of galleries pop up. Designing blogs in a way that appeals users to stay and read on your website is one of the key points to consider for user interface design.

7. Gestures and Animations

Touch devices are defined by gestures. Touch, swipe, pinch, double-tap, and zoom are becoming second nature to users.

Motion keeps users grounded in the UI while adding context. There’s a difference between elements that vanish and those that slide out of sight. The former is deletion; the latter is available for use later. When animations are united with gestures, they add another depth to the experience.

8. Accessibility

Fingers are much thicker than pixel-precise mouse cursors, so you should pay attention to finger-friendly design.

Specifically, permit enough space for users to tap with a fingertip. If your buttons are too small or bunched too closely together, users can’t tap them accurately (which only increase frustration and therefore abandonment).

9. Simple and Clean design

As per the mobile display, design of the mobile interface should be simple and clean. It helps the users to stay on the website for longer time and also they enjoy surfing your website easily.

The simple and clean design of a website always makes the user feel good and relaxed and get what they are looking for.

10. Pttrns

One of the longest running inspiration galleries is pttrns. In the past few years, it has grown-up immensely to focus more on mobile app design and interface inspiration.

They have the largest sortable gallery of mobile app design inspiration you can find on the web. You can browse through over 100 diverse tags for empty state pages, shopping carts, popover windows, and other comparable interface designs.

Best of all these patterns aren’t limited to whole pages. They focus on individual elements used in mobile app design.

For success in any online business, a user-friendly website is a must as it will offer enhanced user experience to the online visitors. Any website that is too complex and difficult will absolutely push away online traffic. The use of effective and simple user interface design will be of vast help in achieving the objectives of a website.

A good user interface not only grows the site usability but also leads to the smooth completion of any task at hand thereby making everything enjoyable and flexible as per the requirements of users.

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