Types Of Web Portals You Should Know

The digital time has invented and reinvented exciting and innovative ways for small businesses to put their professional feet forward and compete with bigger businesses. And it all begins with a simple, yet gripping small business web portal.


No company can consider about making it big without having its very own web portal development approach with the global client base. Every community or area has a different type of portals.

Types of webportal- Infographic

Vertical Portals

The web portal which covers only single specific industry, domain or vertical. Vertical portals provide information, tools, articles, research and statistics on the specific industry or vertical. As the web has become a standard tool for business these days.

A vertical portal focuses a particular market such as construction with news and other services. There are numerous possibilities for establishing special vertical portals on the market, which can be divided into two – Corporate and Commerce Portals.

Horizontal Portals

These are the web portals which offer a range of services, like search engines, directories, news, recruitment, personal information management. They focus on general audience and aim to present something for everybody.

Standard examples of horizontal portals are yahoo.com, msn.com etc which offer visitors with information and on a broad area of topics.

Enterprise Portals

Web portals developed and maintained for use by members of the intranet or the enterprise network. The most common implementation of enterprise portals focus on providing employees with this information on a regularly updated manner along with document management system, online training courses, availability of applications on demand, and webcasts etc along with communication in the form of web meetings, emails, messaging etc.

Marketplace Portals

Market space portals present to support the B2B and B2C e-commerce, software support for e-commerce transactions and capability to find and access rich information about the products on sale also, ability to participate in discussion groups with other vendors or buyers.

Media Portals

These portals update user on news, current affairs, and information. They have a main focus on consumer or business news. Some media portals provide access to local and foreign TV programs.

Knowledge  Portals

Knowledge portals improve the effectiveness of knowledge workers by providing easy access to information that is needed or helpful to them in one or more specific roles.

Online presence is important these days for all kinds of companies for development and support. Most business activities are all becoming virtual means there are vast opportunities for web portals in every rising business, as it helps users for many tasks to get things done with belief.


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