Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Web Application Security Look Amazing

No one on the Internet is untouched from security threats. In the race to develop online services, web applications have been developed and deployed with least attention given to security risks, resulting in an unexpected number of corporate applications that are vulnerable to hackers.

Switch to HTTPS

By moving all traffic to HTTPS, attackers can no longer understand the traffic traveling between the users’ computers and your application so there is less chance they can part together with any information about your application’s users.

Make sure that passwords are secure

Using strong and secure passwords is one of the important factors for a security of your web application. Make sure that passwords are hard to guess as it may also decrease the chances for account activity hacking or stealing the data.

Web Security

Keep all software updated

Updating plugins or codes of your web application plays a vital role in preventing it from security attacks. By doing the same, hackers are not able to decode your application and help to make it secure.

Make your directories and file permissions security locked

Securing your files and directories is very important. It also helps us to maintain the confidentiality of the data provided by users on our applications.

Manual And Automated Pen Testing

Once a developer has their application code written, it is essential to get extra sets of eyes upon the code to execute various quality-assurance tests, including tests for application security.  Manual code analysis techniques and penetration tests can supply for additional analysis from a human viewpoint but should be coupled with automated testing when possible.

With the number of increasing people accessing information, saving information and giving out information the more appealing a web based program or application is for speed, ease, and learning curve. Most of us are using them on a daily basis in more ways than we know.


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