Why A Corporate Needs Intranet Application?


Intranet and the Internet are often confusing terms. While there are a lot of similarities between them, they really are two diverse things. Simply put, the Internet is the global World Wide Web (www), while an intranet is a private Internet working within a company. While this cloud-based business software has gained major acceptance over the past couple of years, many companies are trying it for the first time, and are still asking the “why” question.

Here’s why possibly any corporate needs an Intranet application

1)    Productivity.

An intranet is the “home” for employees (ideally) and the intranet desktop should be the first thing they see in the morning. An intranet which gives employees’ access to all the tools and information they need to effectively perform their daily tasks, every day, can move ahead in improving productivity for employees at all levels. Some examples of these tools and information are:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Outstanding tasks
  3. Corporate knowledge base
  4. Company News
  5. Email
  6. Help Desk
  7. File sharing drop box

You can read more about Intranet application here…

 2)Corporate communications.

Since an intranet is an employees’ main skylight into corporate tools and information, it offers a great place for managing peer-to-peer communication between employees. To exemplify, imagine a large corporation with thousands of employees around the world. If everyone logs into the intranet every morning, the management can:

  1. Publish important announcements
  2. Advertise new initiatives and policies
  3. Communicate company history, culture, and positioning
  4. Recognize outstanding employees
  5. Gather feedback in the form of surveys and suggestions

3) Streamline processes.

Modern intranets contain not only static information, but the actual tools that employees need for work. This presents a great opportunity to use intranets as a place where companies can document processes, and provide the actual tools to automate processes. Many companies use intranets to automate simple processes like employee appraisals to sophisticated processes like CRM and project management.

4) Spur Collaboration.

Modern intranets have collaboration and social tools built into them. Not only can employees access work-related information, they can also share and work together on it within the intranet. Networking tools allow employees to discover the skills and competencies of fellow workers and bypass corporate hierarchies to connect with them directly.

5) Knowledge management.

In its very broadest sense, knowledge management means capturing, organizing and retrieving corporate information. With all tools and information within the intranet, and employees constantly adding new information in the form of comments, discussions, blogs, documents; the intranet serves as a centralized place to capture important corporate information. Tools like search ensure that employees across the company network can find just the information they need to perform their jobs.

So, in essence, the intranet is important for any corporate to be it small or medium sized to big business houses.


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