An intranet is what we call as a “Local Internet”, for a company or group of companies.

Intranet within a company is a perfect way for sharing information among peers. RG Infotech, one of the best web development company, offers custom intranet application specific to your requirement, hosted on your corporate environment.

Customized intranet applications are available to incorporate business processes that can streamline many business operations. Entire intranet app can be linked to your corporate website, thereby increasing overall productivity for employees.

Intranet application is the most efficient way for an organization to collaborate in-house resources together, irrespective of their geographical locations. Intranet application facilitates quicker and faster exchange of information, ideas opinions, and knowledge within an organization.

Intranet app improves overall efficiency and accountability of any business by providing relevant information to right people.

In terms of security, it offers the safest platform which facilitates staff for secure file transfer, web browsing, and mail sending.

BIntranet Application- Basic Need for Your Businessenefits of Intranet app are:

  1. Flawless and relevant data sharing.
  2. Reduced manual efforts and improve business process.
  3. Easily accessible corporate knowledge base.
  4. Quick and easy internal opinions and feedbacks.
  5. A useful tool for peer to peer employee communication.

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