World of Web Development
Web development is a broad term involving the development of a web-based solution like web application or an Intranet portal. It can range from developing a static single web page to a highly complex web-based application, e- business, or a social network service, or a web portal.

Web development typically includes following components:

  • Client-Side components
  • Server-Side components
  • Underlying Database

Web Development includes solutions covering:-

Web-based applications, Websites, Web portal, Intranet applications and much more.

Web applications

An effective web application can smoothen business process and increase overall productivity or an organization. Security, scalability, responsive, UI and reusability are some factors taken into account while developing a web application. You can also find more details about web applications here.


Websites can be of a single page or multi-pages, for your business presence in the online world. But while creating a website, either an e-commerce store or a blogging site, responsiveness, UI/UX, loading speed are some of the key features that are considered.

Web Portal

The web portal is the pool of large database with various web applications like job portal or travel portal. It is not just a single website but an ocean of information like candidates or recruiter firms for job portal or hotels, flights etc intravel portal, and lots more. Read more about web portal development

Intranet Applications

These are also web applications but accessible only within the protected corporate environment, providing access based restriction across departments. Securing your corporate data behind a firewall further results in a highly secured environment for the app.
Nowadays, every business has its unique requirement, so most businesses need a custom solution. RG Infotech, a leading web development company in Noida, India, have more than 10 years of experience in custom web development in all categories.

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