RG InfoTech is one of the leading IT companies in Delhi/NCR for web portal development. Our highly skilled web developers and designers have helped many entrepreneurs to develop and implement their business idea into fully functional web portals.


Our designers are passionate about developing a responsive design with impressive navigation, screen-layouts, text-based sections, images, audio/video components etc which automatically adjust on multiple devices.  While designing a web portal our main concern is its UI or User Interface. A clean and appealing UI not only attracts visitors but brings them back again and again. While the responsive architecture makes it compatible with mobile devices to reach out vast mobile users. At RG InfoTech, we also ensure to make your portal equally responsive for multiple browsers, from Chrome to Mozilla Firefox or IE.

Web portal development concerns

While working on a portal, its downloading speed is also a major concern. Visitors usually bounce from slow loading sites. To enhance the user engagement, low downloading time is very important and we take measures to optimise load speed for your web portal pages.Website security from malware, virus, and hacking are equally important to handle. Our team of skilled web developers ensure a high level of Internet security for your web portal.


Developing a portal is not a one-time task that we do. Our support engineers are there to help and support your portal for increased traffic and revenue as per your operations and needs.


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